CRM with Material Design and Laravel

All in one Business Management System

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You will get 4 files. 
(i). crm - which one included all files for admin view.

(ii). crm-client - which one included all files for public/client view.

(iii) documentation - Which one included documenation files.

(iv) crm.sql - Database file for CRM Application

1. Copy your crm files in your website domain/sub domain root directory.

2. Create a databse for setup CRM.

3. Import crm.sql file in your database.

4. Setup your database, database username and database password in .env file.


5. Now enter your target website in your browser like:
You will get now login page like that.

6. Now Login with these credential intaially:


Use Same way to install public/client view, just install it in different directory. Use same database configuration also. 

Now go to your website where you put the CRM public view's files like if your main website link and your client view's file installed in client subdomain then go to :

CRM client/public view will look like this:


First of all our application build with Laravel MVC Structure. Coding standard is so many easy that any laravel developer can understand.



We have total 22 controllers and these controller manage specific topics of this application.

Controller Structure


     * Article Main Page
    public function index()
        $title = "All Article List";
        $articles = Article::with('category')->get();
        return view('article.index', compact('title', 'articles'));

     * Get FAQ List
    public function faqGet(){
        $title = "All Faq List";
        $faqs = Faq::with('category')->get();
        return view('faq.index', compact('title', 'faqs'));

    public function faqAddGet(){
        $title = "Add a new faq item";
        $categories = DB::table('faq_categories')->pluck('name', 'id');
        return view('faq.add', compact('title', 'categories'));


We have total 28 models in this application. Every model define table and table structure for this application.


Global Configuration

For Global configuration like PDF, Email, Payment - All of these configuration you will find in this directory:


View/Template Directory

For view/template please go to this directory:


There have a folder name 'prod'. In this folder you will get production output files of view/template.

To make your view file production just use this command

gulp --production

To use these production files change the view configuration from this file


'paths' => [
//      realpath(base_path('resources/views/prod')),

Remove comment from last one and comment first one to use production output file.

We are upgrading this application day by day and making easy to use this application. So if you found any error please just send a message, we will fix up and reply back to you soon.

For any type of help to setup application or understanding coding structure just feel free to contact with us.
You can message with this email address:


Thank You !